The MeasurLink® suite of software is used across all facets of Manufacturing. Any process can be monitored using this system:
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Cutting
  • Heat Treatment
  • Injection Molding
  • Blow Molding
  • Stamping
  • Extrusion, etc.



The following is a partial list of MeasurLink customers traversing a wide process and product range:

Automotive and Heavy Equipment

Automotive: General Motors, Ford Motor, DaimlerChrysler, Lear Corporation, Delphi, Dana, Goodrich, Goodyear, Bosch, Bridgestone, Autoliv, Eaton, Federal Mogul, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Subaru, Tower, Toyota, Visteon

Heavy Equipment: Caterpillar, John Deere, Detroit Diesel

Aerospace and Electronics

Aerospace: Aeroquip, Boeing, GE,
Rolls-Royce, Pratt and Whitney

Electronics: Texas Instruments, 3M, Applied Materials, Philips Lighting, Osram-Sylvania, Bose, Canon, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Seagate, Tyco, Xerox

Medical, Plastics and Foods

Foods: Wrigley, Kraft, Frito Lay, Miller Brewing

Plastics: Sony, Fujipoly, Gillette, Husky, ITW, Owens Illinois, Rainbird, Vinylex

Medical: Abbott Laboratories, AstraZeneca, Baxter Healthcare, Becton Dickinson, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Tech Group/West Pharmaceutical, US Surgical