MeasurLink Product Information

If you are familiar with the MeasurLink suite, please take a look at what is new in MeasurLink.
Mixed Run

MeasurLink Real-Time Standard Edition is designed for customers who want to acquire and analyze data in real-time and check variable and attribute inspection to maximize production and minimize defects. It has views to allow the user to create Parts, Characteristics with nominal and tolerance and Traceability lists. The data collection interface provides real-time graphics for Run charts, Control charts, Histograms and Statistics. Standard views include Datasheet (observations and charts), Classic View (chart windows), and 2D view (part images with callouts that include charts and statistical data). Full reporting template functionality is also provided. Supported data sources include keyboard, RS232 and USB devices.

Import Template

MeasurLink Real-Time Professional Edition enables customers to connect and acquire data from Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines, Vision and Form Measuring Systems via native integration (DDE). ASCII and QMD (xml-based) file import are also supported. In addition to all of the features supported by MeasurLink Real-Time Standard Edition, this application also supports data filters. Full reporting functionality with templates is also provided. Supported data sources include keyboard, RS232 and USB devices, native Mitutoyo integration (DDE) ASCII and QMD (xml-based) file import.

3D View

MeasurLink Real-Time Professional 3D Edition is designed for customers who wish to collect data using the Hoops 3D graphics view. Hoops 3D files can be exported from most CAD systems and provides the operator with a real view of the part. Camera angle and position can be saved for each characteristic providing for an intuitive prompted guided sequencing for the inspector. Supported data sources include keyboard, RS232, and USB devices, native Mitutoyo integration (DDE) ASCII and QMD (xml-based) file import.

MeasurLink Process Analyzer Professional Edition is designed for viewing and manipulation of Real-Time data in a networked environment. It enables Quality Engineering to slice and dice data in meaningful ways that contribute to quality control initiatives. All views supported by Real-Time Standard Edition are supported, with the exception to the Manager Views. Full reporting template functionality is also provided. Data is organized by Station, Part or Routine.

Process Analyzer
Process Manager

MeasurLink Process Manager Standard Edition provides Real-time monitoring of data as it is collected. The QC/Production Manager has the perfect tool to organize and maintain a shop-wide quality program at a glance.

Gage R&R

MeasurLink Gage R&R Standard Edition is a collection of techniques whose purpose is to measure the capability of a measurement system for a measurement task. These techniques provide information about a measurement system's reproducibility, R&R, location or stability. Graphical tools allow for isolation of gauging problems including inconsistencies in technique between operators or inspectors.

MeasurLink Gage Management is an application that supports the creation of a gauge inventory for the purposes of tracking gage use, calibration recall and performing calibration procedures. Designed for use by quality management or tool room/calibration personnel.

Gage Management
Report Scheduler

MeasurLink Report Scheduler is a tool that provides automated report distribution from a Windows service environment.

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Compatible with Windows 10  

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